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A screen shot of the web page dedicated to DrinkWise’s How to Drink Properly ad campaign.

DrinkWise’s cynical campaign shouldn’t fool anyone

Alcohol industry-funded organisation DrinkWise has released a new advertising campaign titled Drinking – Do it properly that will supposedly reduce the harmful effects of binge drinking among young Australians…
High profile campaigns that don’t reduce consumption or profits are favoured by industry. Alexandre Chang

Who should be educating us about alcohol-related violence?

In a series of recent papers, our research team has documented the impact of community interventions at reducing alcohol-related harm in the Geelong region in Victoria. What we found was that despite the…
The expense of defending defamation actions deters many public health researchers from speaking out. Emilio Kuffer

Protect researchers from the perils of public health advocacy

Public health advocates who criticise industries for promoting harmful forms of consumption – the alcohol, food, pharmaceutical, tobacco and gambling industries – increasingly find themselves facing legal…

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