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Overdose involving GHB and alcohol can cause a person to have breathing difficulties, respiratory failure, coma, or death. TRUNCUS/Shutterstock

What is GHB, the liquid ecstasy drug implicated in Reynhard Sinaga’s crimes?

The use of alcohol with GHB is very dangerous because it can increase the toxic effects of the drug. It should also not be used in combination with sedatives or other anaesthetics.
Pills ok during pregnancy? We can’t know if we don’t study them. Medications image via

Pregnant women must be studied too

Imagine being pregnant while having a chronic health condition such as diabetes, hypertension, depression or asthma, or being diagnosed with an illness while pregnant. Amazingly, your doctor may not know…

Aspirin may lower stroke risk

The risk of stroke associated with high trans fat intake is lower among women taking aspirin, a study shows. The risk of…

Marijuana impairs memory

Independent of its effect on neurons, marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient (THC) impairs memory by affecting passive support…

Once a pleasure, always a pleasure?

In research that may have major implications for understanding drug addiction, it has been shown that objects once associated…

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