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Most of the world continues with a criminal justice approach to drug use despite ample evidence of its harmfulness. Jason Verwey/Flickr

What works best in the war on drugs

In 1967, the Beatles took out a full-page advertisement in The Times describing Britain’s marijuana laws as “immoral in principle and unworkable in practice”. Almost half a century later, both past and…

Forest loss linked to drug trafficking

Drug trafficking has been linked to deforestation in Central American countries, as forests are cut down to create transportation…
Australian motorcycle gang the Finks are expected to merge with US group the Mongols. Does this represent a new ‘corporatised’ world of organised crime? AAP/Eric Sands

Murders and acquisitions: the corporatisation of global organised crime

In the world of illegal markets and organised crime, money is the prime mover. Legal or not, if someone’s willing to buy, odds are someone else is willing to supply. In the two decades or so since the…

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