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A woman drinks water in front of the ancient Parthenon Temple during a hot, windy day at Acropolis hill in Athens in July 2024. Record-breaking heat waves have become the norm across much of the world as a result of human caused climate change. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

A ‘green new deal’ is Canada’s best hope of achieving a just carbon-zero transition

A green new deal is practical, politically possible, and the best chance we have to achieve a just carbon-zero transition in Canada.
The idea of “green growth” is appealing, but it is losing appeal among climate policy researchers. Shutterstock

Idea of green growth losing traction among climate policy researchers, survey of nearly 800 academics reveals

According to a survey of almost 800 climate researchers, 73% are sceptical of the idea of green growth. Instead, approaches such as agrowth and degrowth are gaining ground.

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