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An anti-immigrant mood has been sweeping the West, such as in Finland. Scanpix Sweden/Reuters

Why we’re wrong to blame immigrants for our sputtering economies

Many politicians in the West – from backers of Brexit to Donald Trump – have convinced voters that immigrants are hurting their economies. The evidence suggests otherwise.
Supporters of Zimbabwean Pastor Evan Mawarire outside the Harare Magistrates’ Court during his trial. Reuters/Philimon Bulawayo

Zimbabwe’s interregnum: new wine, old bottles?

The new forms of protest in Zimbabwe raise the possibility that the country's long-simmering crisis may have reached boiling point. The time could indeed be ripe for a unique form of politics.

Business Briefing: what to do about low incomes

Business Briefing: what to do about low incomes. The Conversation10.5 MB (download)
Australia needs to increase productivity in different ways because at the moment living standards are low compared to past years.
Changing a centuries-old format will take some big thinking. vittoriocarvelli/DeviantArt

Making the case for a new Olympics model

With the one-city format no longer viable, an Olympics expert proposes a radical new vision for the format of the Olympic Games. It actually makes a lot of sense.
Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

Business Briefing: what breeds terrorism?

Business Briefing: what breeds terrorism?
The breeding ground for terrorism isn't necessarily poverty - it's the middle class.
The treasurer and his shadow went head to head in a debate that covered tax reform, education, superannuation and economic management. Stefan Postles/AAP

Twitter: Morrison and Bowen battle it out in Treasurers’ Debate

Analysis tweets from the debate between Treasurer Scott Morrison and Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen at the National Press Club

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