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The treasurer and his shadow went head to head in a debate that covered tax reform, education, superannuation and economic management. Stefan Postles/AAP

Twitter: Morrison and Bowen battle it out in Treasurers’ Debate

Analysis tweets from the debate between Treasurer Scott Morrison and Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen at the National Press Club
Conflict politics on the right and the left. EPA/PETER FOLEY

Is a capitalist democracy possible?

The world seems caught between the competing political ideologies of left and right, with capitalism is caught right in the middle.
This year’s federal budget will be a tricky affair for government and opposition. Mick Tsikas/AAP

Election budgets can only ever be a charade

The impending election will mean a lot of spin and little substance from both sides of government in this year's federal budget.
Jumping to conclusions. Does GDP mislead us? Antoine Gady/Flickr

The science of happiness can trump GDP as a guide for policy

Our feelings of self-worth and contentment are no longer the preserve of writers and artists. Science has made measurement of our well-being a viable alternative to the banalities of economic output.

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