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The Federal Government’s draft energy white paper outlines a future where Australia still depends on fossil fuels. AAP

Australia’s draft energy white paper misses the big picture

The release of Australia’s draft energy white paper has outlined a future where Australia continues to be largely dependent on fossil fuels, embraces uranium and expands existing deregulation and privatisation…
Energy production worldwide has become even more reliant on coal. Joost J Bakker IJmuiden

The emissions juggernaut rolls on, and everybody is on board

DURBAN CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE: A paper published yesterday shows global industrial emissions of carbon dioxide, overwhelmingly from fossil fuels, jumped by 5.9% from 2009 to 2010. This is a big increase…

Long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.

Extending the life of lithium-ion batteries tenfold may now be possible thanks to researchers at Northwestern University…

Artificial leaves turn water into fuel

Channeling inspiration from leaves and the process of photosynthesis, two research teams have developed improved techniques…
To meet the energy challenge we have to think big. AAP Image/Snowy Hydro Limited

Australia’s low carbon economy: do the heavy lifting here

Today’s carbon navel-gazing by politicians, business leaders and media scribes seems determined to constrain Australia to the stone age of industrial competence, workforce skills and international environmental…
Solar is now a viable industry that should be taken seriously. AFP Photo/Sakis Mitrolidis

Solar will force coal and nuclear out of the energy business

A solar energy revolution is brewing that will put the coal and nuclear industries out of business. Solar is already reaching price parity with coal in many parts of Australia. In contrast to coal and…
The movie Gasland galvanised the public on the dangers of fracking. Gasland

NSW’s coal seam gas ban - where the frack to next?

Fracking. It’s a hotbed of controversy that spans our increasingly energy-hungry globe. The French have turned their back on it. Permanently. And now the NSW government has temporarily frozen the use of…
Researchers hope to use piezoelectricity – which is generated by mechanical pressure such as fingers tapping a screen or blood pressure – to power gadgets like iPads or pacemakers. Flickr

Could blood pressure power pacemakers in future?

That tangled collection of chargers could one day be obsolete, as Australian researchers report a breakthrough that brings…
OPEC president Mohammad Aliabadi believes speculation in futures is inflating oil prices. He is wrong. AAP

Why it’s wrong to blame speculation for pushing up oil prices

OPEC Conference president Mohammad Aliabadi recently joined a chorus of international observers to blame speculation as the source of ongoing volatility in the global oil market. Speaking at an OPEC Conference…

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