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Labor has released a six point climate plan, which features a proposed phased emissions trading scheme. Lukas Coch/AAP

PolicyCheck: Labor’s phased emissions trading scheme

Labor has said it would introduce an emissions trading scheme for large emitters. PolicyCheck unpacks the detail and provenance of this proposed plan.
A Bill Shorten led Labor government would introduce a two-phase emissions trading scheme. Dan Himbrechts/AAP

Labor unveils phased emissions trading scheme

A Labor government would bring in its emissions trading scheme in two stages, together with a separate scheme for the electricity sector.
The Paris agreement introduces a new mechanism for international co-operation. AAP/Samuel Boivin

How will carbon markets help the Paris climate agreement?

Despite there being no reference to the words “market mechanism” or “carbon market” in the agreement, the agreement clearly establishes a new international carbon market mechanism.
Mark Butler talks about climate change, ETS, an early election, and much more. Mick Tsikas/AAP

Politics podcast: Mark Butler on climate change

Mark Butler
Michelle Grattan talks to Labor environment spokesman Mark Butler about climate change, an ETS, the possibility of an early election, the ALP national conference and much more.
By 2100 there could be 11 billion people on Earth, but there’s no quick way to slow growth. James Cridland/Flickr

No quick fix for overpopulation — let’s focus on climate

The rise in population since 1900 has been so rapid that up to 14% of all humans that have ever lived are still alive today, according to recent research. Other research shows that slowing population growth…
Bill Shorten has reaffirmed Labor’s commitment to action on climate change. AAP/Lukas Coch

Shorten urges climate issues be a priority at G20

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has taken his battle with prime minister Tony Abbott over climate policy to an international stage, saying the issue should be a priority for the G20 leaders’ meeting in…
Environment minister Greg Hunt and prime minister Tiny Abbott are keen to repeal the carbon tax as soon as parliament sits - but it may prove harder than they thought. AAP/Alan Porritt

Carbon tax showdown: the rocky road ahead for Abbott

The Coalition will introduce its draft bill to repeal the Clean Energy Act into parliament next week. The bill would effectively remove the current carbon tax and its planned replacement, an emissions…
Reducing carbon pollution has bi-partisan support. It wouldn’t hurt to re-open debate on the method. takver/flickr

Switching carbon from fixed price to ETS: should Rudd do it?

Carbon pricing has helped to destroy three political leaders - Malcolm Turnbull, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard - since 2009. Why would a re-minted Prime Minister Rudd want to touch such a poisoned chalice…
Government energy efficiency regulation has made China a leader in clean technology. Do they really need an ETS? Yuek Hahn

Emissions trading in China: risky, difficult, but necessary

China’s pilot emissions trading scheme was launched on June 18 in Shenzhen. Five other pilots - Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hubei and Guangdong - are also expected to be launched this year. Only Chongqing…
Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station: carbon markets are supposed to be effective, not just hot air. PA/David Davies

Is this the end of carbon trading, or just a hiccup?

Just as scientists almost universally agree greenhouse gases contribute to the planet’s changing climate, economists almost universally agree the problem is made worse because polluters don’t pay for the…
The one feature of the government’s carbon price framework which has received little analysis is compensation to households. AAP

Why compensating households affected by the carbon tax is bad economic policy

There are many features of the design of the Gillard government’s controversial and complex carbon legislation that can be questioned. For example, Australia’s unilateral action; the two-phase carbon tax…

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