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If you’re just copying down what the lecturer says and you don’t revise what you’ve written down, there’s little point in taking notes. from

What’s the best, most effective way to take notes?

We tend to lose almost 40% of new information within the first 24 hours of first reading or hearing it. However if we take notes effectively, we can retain and retrieve almost 100% of the information we receive.
Music can help if you’re pulling a late-night study session. Carolyn Williams/Flickr

HSC exam guide: how to use music to prepare for exams

Students, the impending horror of exams is nearly upon you. But music can help you out. To put it simply, turn to tunes to terminate the terror of term-time. As with so many psychological phenomena that…
Certain foods can help your brain retain information. Shutterstock

HSC exam guide: what to eat to help your brain

Exam time is quickly approaching for HSC and university students. While study is at the forefront, nutrition is often the furthest thing from students’ minds. However, a healthy diet plays a vital role…
Start by studying in 20 minute blocks and resting for 5-10 minutes in between. Shutterstock

HSC exam guide: maximising study and minimising stress

Understanding and managing what contributes to good performance is essential to reduce stress levels for exams. Preparation is the key to performance. This must start early, allowing time to build confidence…
Final school exams will likely be the most stressful time in your child’s life to date. How can you help them out? Shutterstock

HSC exam guide: how to help your kids through this stressful time

Final exams are a nightmare for most year 12 students, but crucial given they are decisive in getting into university. The period of preparation can be painful and hard. Students spend many hours studying…
How should you prepare for your number and science exams? Shutterstock

Blitzing your science, technology, maths and engineering exams

With HSC exams coming up, students will be preparing to sit a range of different exams, from English to music to biology to languages. For study in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM…
Be familiar with your texts, whether novels, poems, histories, films or photographs. Top 5 tips to blitz your humanities exams. Shutterstock

HSC exam guide: top 5 tips on how to blitz your humanities exam

How do you best prepare for your exams in humanities subjects? As Dean of an Arts and Social Sciences faculty, I have been asked this question frequently when speaking to high school students over the…

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