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Hungarian police officers check cars at the closed Austria-Hungary border, March 18, 2020. Alex Halada/AFP via Getty Images

Coronavirus versus democracy: 5 countries where emergency powers risk abuse

National emergencies allow for the purest expressions of sovereign power, testing the government’s commitment to human rights. Some leaders are failing the coronavirus test, experts say.
Top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine William Taylor, left, and Foreign Service officer George Kent are sworn in before the House Intelligence Committee during the first public impeachment hearing. AP/Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Photo

Impeachment: Two quotes that defined the first day of public hearings

The first day of public impeachment testimony was defined, in part, by strongly worded statements from Representatives Adam Schiff and Devin Nunes.
The review into teacher education says courses need to prove their graduates are classroom ready. Shutterstock

Review calls for teacher education overhaul: experts respond

A new report into teacher education in Australia has called for an overhaul of the system amid concerns students are being selected who aren’t fit to teach and some graduates are not classroom ready. The…
The government should keep the demand-driven system of university funding, the review found, but what do the experts say? Shutterstock

Demand-driven system review: experts respond

The Federal Government has released a review into the demand-driven system of higher education funding implemented by the Labor government. The review, undertaken by David Kemp and Andrew Norton, largely…

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