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Senator Cory Bernardi, who defected from the Liberals and formed his Australian Conservatives party, will wind it up. David Mariuz/AAP

Cory Bernardi to disband Australian Conservatives

Bernardi said that at the election his Australian Conservative party polled “a tiny fraction of the votes” required. He said potential voters returned to supporting the Coalition under Morrison.
If Bob Day’s election as the twelfth senator from South Australia was invalid it means he is not replaced by a candidate nominated by Family First. Mick Tsikas/AAP

Now-resigned Bob Day may have been ineligible to sit in Senate

Within hours of Bob Day submitting his Senate resignation on Tuesday, the government announced it would move for the High Court to rule on whether he had been ineligible to sit in the upper house.
Bob Day’s future as a senator is unsure. Lukas Coch/AAP

Day flip flops about Senate future

Family First Senator Bob Day says a new investor has expressed interest in his home construction business.
Pauline Hanson is a chance to return to federal parliament as a senator for NSW thanks to preference flows. Who are some of the right-wing parties who might help her be elected? AAP/Tracey Nearmy

The mice that may yet roar: who are the minor right-wing parties?

Pauline Hanson’s return to public life and the emergence of right-wing parties such as Katter’s Australian Party and the Rise Up Australia Party has rekindled interest in far-right politics in Australia…

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