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Australia has a complex relationship with the dingo. Angus Emmott

Why do some graziers want to retain, not kill, dingoes?

Australian farmers and graziers have historically been against dingoes on their lands. But in a bid to adapt to changing conditions, some are embracing the predators and their potential.
Water is just as critical as land for farms like Cubbie Station. Cubbie/AAP

Land ownership just the start in foreign investment debate

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced long-promised changes to the rules for foreign land purchases and ownership in Australia. There are two key changes. First, the Foreign Investment Review Board…
As prime minister Tony Abbott and his ministers tour drought-affected areas, the pressure is on Cabinet to cobble together a policy package in a hurry. AAP/Paul Osborne

Death of National Drought Policy takes us back to policy on the run

Australia’s National Drought Policy, introduced in 1992 and recognised internationally as world’s best practice, now appears to be dead. In its place we are seeing back-to-the-future policymaking. This…

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