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Bill Maher suggests that fat-shaming may help people lose weight. Randy Miramontez/

Why Bill Maher is wrong about fat-shaming

Fat-shaming is as ineffective as it is cruel. The bullying tactic also ignores the biological factors underlying obesity, which are not always under a person's control.
Exercise is good for you, no matter what your weight. Pressmaster/Shutterstock

Obesity has become the new normal but it’s still a health risk

Nike has recently displayed a plus-sized mannequin in its London store, triggering responses ranging from outrage to celebration. But there's no denying the health risks of obesity.
Nicole Arbour takes a dig. (C) YouTube

Fat shaming doesn’t make people any thinner

Dear Fat People video goes viral but it's another sad example of how acceptable it has become to belittle people while pretending it's for their own good.

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