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Nate Parker, director of the recent revolutionary US film “Birth of a Nation”. Shutterstock

How to get the African films we all should see onto our screens

Racism is a charge that could be leveled at cinema from its very inception. There are some positive signs of change, but audiences have a role to play in making sure African films flourish.
A still from the film Los Hongos, by Oscar Ruiz Navia, 2014. Images courtesy of the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival.

Film festivals have impact, sure, but we need to measure that

Showing the “impact” of arts and cultural events is ever more important. But defining and measuring that impact requires long-term tracking and customised tools.
‘It is difficult to convey the exhilaration that can be received from recognising elements of your own intimate life magnified on a cinema screen.’ Anatomy of a Love Seen screens at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival. MQFF

Give us better lesbians, please, and screens to watch them on

The curators of queer film festivals undertake a challenging task, assembling as best as possible a cinematic selection that reflects what is a very diverse community. Too often, lesbians are left out.
The meaning of independent film has changed since Robert Redford established the Sundance Film Festival in 1981. EPA/George Frey

Is the Sundance Festival arthouse – or just Hollywood as usual?

The 2014 Sundance Film Festival starts today in Park City, Utah. Launched in 1981 by Robert Redford and friends, this year’s festival showcases a selection of new independently produced films, all vying…
What kind of filmmaking does Tropfest encourage? Go_OffStation

Has Tropfest gone troppo? Implications for Australian film

Sunday night in many ways marked a great achievement for the Australian short film genre, with the live broadcast of Tropfest – “the world’s largest short film festival” – on national television via SBS…
The British Film Festival offers much to please audiences – but how connected is it to the Brit diaspora? nickwheeleroz

Do we need a film festival to fly the Union Jack?

When it comes to film festivals, Australian audiences have plenty to choose from. Virtually every week there is a film festival from a different ethnic, national, religious or cultural group vying for…

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