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Do aliens exist? We asked five experts

Even if aliens exist, are intelligent like humans and interested in making contact with us, what are the chances they’ll be close enough for us to hear them screaming their presence into the cosmos?

Is watching porn bad for your health? We asked 5 experts

Some experts were concerned about the creation of unrealistic expectations, links with gender-based violence, and the potential for addiction. Others said education might help to offset these harms.
Falls are the main reason for childhood injuries, but kids usually recover. from

Should I let my kid climb trees? We asked five experts

Every expert we asked talked about the importance of letting children take risks and explore in nature. But they also advised parents to supervise and set limits.
People have different views when it comes to school uniforms. from

Should school uniforms be compulsory? We asked five experts

We asked five experts from various fields whether school uniforms should be compulsory. Four out of five said no.
Many younger people are politically engaged. We saw this in the recent student-led protests on climate change policy. Dan Peled/AAP

Should Australia lower the voting age to 16? We asked five experts

People under 18 can leave school, get a job, drive a car and pay taxes. Should they be allowed to vote too?

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