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Achieving ‘justice’ for the victims of the MH17 downing is not a straightforward task. AAP

MH17 ‘justice’ takes several forms, none simple

Aviation, which transformed travel and way of life in the 20th century, is being transformed in the 21st century and faces some difficult 21st-century problems.

A tale of two tragedies

Last week’s release of the Dutch Safety Board’s final report on the downing of MH17 held no surprises. While this essentially technical report had no brief to cast blame for the tragedy, no-one familiar…
Prime Minister of The Netherlands Mark Rutte reacts as he listens to Australian Prime Minster Tony Abbott, in Canberra. AAP Image/Reuters POOL, David Gray

Grattan on Friday: Game of cat-and-bear as Abbott pursues Putin

The Russians have started coming. On Thursday, an aircraft with about 80-90 Russians arrived in preparation for the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane. There will be four more official planes, including President…
Julie Bishop says Russian President Putin had responded “very constructively” to her appeal about MH17. AAP/Richard Wainwright

Julie Bishop shows the boys how it’s done

Once again Julie Bishop has demonstrated she can lay claim to be currently the best performing minister in cabinet. On her recent overseas trip, Foreign Minister Bishop secured an apparently useful meeting…
Some of the debris from the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 plane crash site. EPA/Jerry Lampen

Damage to the cockpit gives a clue to loss of flight MH17

Investigations into the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 have revealed the aircraft’s cockpit was punctured by a number of “high-energy objects”. The Dutch Safety Board has revealed the findings…
This could be Malaysia Airlines’ last chance to get its house in order. EPA

Malaysia Airlines problems run far deeper than the crashes

Following the catastrophic losses of flights MH370 over the Indian Ocean and MH17 over Ukraine, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has received a bailout of nearly £1.2 billion from the Malaysian government. The…

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