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Bet you wouldn’t find this on Mars. EPA

Just how little do we know about the ocean floor?

As ships resume the search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in the depths of the Indian Ocean this week, we often hear that the oceans are “95% unexplored” and that we know more about the surface…
This could be Malaysia Airlines' last chance to get its house in order. EPA

Malaysia Airlines problems run far deeper than the crashes

Following the catastrophic losses of flights MH370 over the Indian Ocean and MH17 over Ukraine, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has received a bailout of nearly £1.2 billion from the Malaysian government. The…
With clear international agreements families of passengers lost to air disasters could be granted some certainty. Azhar Rahim/EPA/AAP

MH370 cost sharing agreement a chance to avoid future mistakes

More than 100 days on from the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the search for the plane continues at a mounting cost for all involved, including the Australian government. Last month senior…
The search is over only for the Bluefin-21 underwater probe on board the Australian Navy’s Ocean Shield, now returning to port in WA. EPA/Chris Beerens/Australian Defence Department

Time to search deeper in the ocean for missing flight MH370

The search for missing flight MH370 isn’t over in the Southern Indian Ocean – it’s just going deeper in an attempt to cover the ocean floor over a much wider area. Much of the search effort so far has…
The Australian defence vessel Ocean Shield is returning from the Southern Indian Ocean search area after the final search by Bluefin-21. AAP Image/Australian Defence Department

Not the real ping – so what now for missing flight MH370?

Another phase of the search for missing flight MH370 off Western Australia has drawn to a close with still no evidence of the aircraft’s final resting place. It comes as reports from the US say the four…
Malaysia Airlines is still in business, but is rethinking its business model. ailing_/Flickr

A season on from MH370, how is Malaysia Airlines doing?

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared on March 8, 2014, almost three months ago. Despite comprehensive, almost unprecedented search operations involving dozens of states, the aircraft, or what remains…
The missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft pictured in 2013. Flickr/Paul Rowbotham

Would real-time tracking have helped missing flight MH370?

The introduction of constant tracking of commercial aircraft during the whole journey has been raised by Malaysian authorities in a preliminary report into missing flight MH370. It’s been two months now…
Relatives of the missing passengers on flight MH370 march on the Malaysian embassy in Beijing. EPA/Rolex dela Pena

Sino-Malaysian friendship will defy public fallout from flight MH370

“Visit Malaysia Year 2014” was expected to bolster Malaysia’s growing Chinese tourism market: Malaysia’s third-largest. Last October, commemorating four decades of close relations, Chinese president Xi…
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has committed Australia to continue to search for flight MH370. Lukas Coch/AAP

Who will bear the $60m cost of the search for MH370?

As the search for the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines MH370 moves into a different phase, a new, delicate issue arises: who will pay? On Monday, Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott acknowledged that “thus…
With the search for MH370 wreckage moving to under the ocean, the question of legal liability also moves closer. AAP/EPA/Leut Kelli Lunt/Australian Department of Defence

Will Malaysia Airlines be liable for compensation for MH370?

While Malaysia Airlines continues to provide welfare and support to the families of the passengers of MH370, compensation will soon become a priority. However, just what Malaysia Airlines' legal liability…
An unmanned Bluefin-21 of the type used in the underwater search for MH370. EPA/Leut Kelli Lunt/Australian Department of Defense

Searching underwater for MH370 is a shot in the dark

The ongoing search for missing flight MH370 has shown how finding objects such as debris on the ocean is difficult, but finding them underwater in the deep ocean is much more challenging. As of Tuesday…
The Black Box flight data recorders from the 2005 fatal aircraft accident near Lockhart River, Qld, arrive at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Canberra. AAP/News Ltd/Ray Strange

What a black box can tell us about missing flight MH370

As the search continues for wreckage from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane it’s probable that answers surrounding the mystery of flight MH370 will not be available until the recorders are recovered…
We need more detailed information to adequately track planes. Robert Couse-Baker

MH370 should make us rethink how we monitor planes

Search ships may be honing in on the black box from missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 after weeks of searching. But whether they are successful or not, the difficulty they have encountered along…

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