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Spending more money just means another set of chemicals. PA/Dominic Lipinski

Chemicals in the body show whether you’re rich or poor

Many people buy high-end, free-range and organic products in a bid to cut down on the amount of chemicals in their bodies. But chemicals can accumulate from a range of sources, and new research suggests…
Samples of Lipton teas in China contained up to 13 pesticides, including banned substances. Paul Watson

Storm in a teacup: China’s Lipton contamination scare

Anyone care for a cup of Methomyl? A recent investigation by Greenpeace East Asia has uncovered a catalog of banned and highly dangerous pesticides in Lipton tea products sold on Beijing supermarket shelves…
Chemicals tend to get a bad press, but we wouldn’t be here without them. abiomkar

We eat what we are – let’s detoxify the word ‘chemical’

One of the best tricks of making a horror movie is not to show too much, allowing the imagination to create the monster. We can’t see molecules, which is what makes them scary. We fill this vacuum with…
Colouring makes food eye-catching but such chemicals could be affecting attention and activity. wwarby/Flickr

Cocktail of chemicals: the health impact of additives in processed foods

A growing body of evidence is focusing attention on the dangers posed by the myriad chemicals in our food. Although certainty around the precise impact of these chemicals is some way off, what we do know…

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