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Health research must be ethical – we can do more to make sure that’s the case for young trans people and their families

How can we ensure ethical research principles for young trans people and their families are met – especially when they might see research as one of few avenues for accessing care?
Two universities are conducting internal reviews of research collaborations linked to the suppression and surveillance of the Uyghur minority in western China. Tracey Nearmy/AAP

Australian universities must wake up to the risks of researchers linked to China’s military

China’s aggressive program of acquiring technology from abroad should be a cause of concern for Australian universities. Yet, our system of vetting research collaborations is clearly broken.
Australia could be breaching its international legal obligations if it is not fairly assessing asylum seekers who apply for protection at customs. BRENDAN ESPOSITO/AAP

We don’t know how many asylum seekers are turned away at Australian airports

Australia’s immigration department doesn’t keep a record of the number of people applying for asylum at airports. This means there is no oversight over the treatment of those seeking protection.

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