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Despite a purported commitment to renewables, France’s new President will likely be outmaneuvered by the country’s nuclear industry. AAP

Hollande may not like it, but French nuclear is full steam ahead

The recent meeting of European Energy Ministers has exposed a Germany-France rift on the role of nuclear power. Post-Fukushima, Germany is investing heavily in solar power; so is Italy. But a French spokesperson…
Greek citizens took their frustration out on the ballot box this weekend. EPA/Orestis Panagiotou

Elections in Europe an assault on the austerity doctrine

The answer, even though they see over and over again that austerity leads to collapse of the economy, the answer over and over [from politicians] is more austerity. – Joseph Stiglitz, Asian Financial Forum…
At the Senat Coutumier in Noumea both the tricolour and the Kanak flags are still floating. Photo: Marie M'Balla-Ndi

Anarchy in Kanaky? What the French elections mean for New Caledonia … and Australia

There’s no doubt that French President Nicolas Sarkozy needs the votes of the far right in the second round run off of the French elections this weekend. In the first round, right wing Front National candidate…
Nicolas Sarkozy will seek another term as President of France this Sunday. EPA/Christophe Karaba

France 2012: Sarkozy’s ugly campaign

The first round of the French Presidential election is set to take place this Sunday. The latest polls show that right-wing president Nicolas Sarkozy and his centre-left contender François Hollande are…
French President Nicolas Sarkozy should be worried about the upcoming elections. EPA/Yoan Valat

France 2012: Sarkozy’s tough road ahead

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has a tight fight on his hands. He’ll be taking on the Socialist Party’s Francois Hollande in the elections next year. And he could struggle to get a second term. Four…

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