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In a research study on the accessibility of French immersion, one parent was told she faced a three-year wait to access reading supports for her child. (Andrew Ebrahim/Unsplash)

Schools have a long way to go to offer equitable learning opportunities, especially in French immersion

Parents in a study about the accessibility of French immersion programs discussed inadequate support for learning to read and feeling pressured to pay for expensive tutors.
A study saw racialized students in Ontario French immersion programs write monologues and stories about their experiences, and also invited immersion stakeholders like teachers and parents to give feedback on race and racism in Ontario immersion programs. (CDC)

Anti-racist, culturally responsive French immersion: Listening to racialized students is an important step towards equitable education

Listening to voices of racialized students in French immersion matters for creating more inclusive schooling.
Street sign for Fford Pen Llech, said to be the world’s steepest street, with text in English and in Welsh. Approximately 20% of Wales residents are fluent in Welsh, and the goverment is striving to increase that percentage.“ Wikimedia

Protecting endangered languages feels right, but does it really help people?

Media accounts on endangered languages abound, but they don’t always explore how to materially help native speakers. Peer-reviewed research shows that such efforts don’t always have positive effects.
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Sean Fraser at a press conference in Ottawa on April 19, 2023. Canadian Press/Spencer Colby

Ottawa is doing little to eliminate discrimination against French-speaking African students

Despite denunciations of discrimination against French-speaking students who want to settle in Canada, particularly Africans, the federal government does not seem to want to act.
School choice policies have positioned schools as existing in a free market of schools, but parents and guardians have different amounts of ‘educational currency’ or privilege when choosing programs. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

French immersion and other regional learning programs: Smart choice for your kids, or do they fuel inequity?

In a study, teachers who are parents acknowledged programs of choice separate students into cohorts labelled strong and weak, yet many continue to secure spots for their own children.
Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon at a press conference on Oct. 17, 2022, at the Québec City National Assembly. He repeated that he did not want to swear an oath to King Charles. The Canadian Press/Karoline Boucher

There’s no official French version of the 1867 Constitution Act. So is taking the oath to the King in French valid?

No official French version of the Constitution Act of 1867 exists in 2022. This aberration calls into question the validity of taking an oath to the King in French.
‘Lamartine rejects the red flag in front of the town hall,’ a painting by Henri Félix Philippoteaux (1815–1884), captures a seminal moment in the second French Revolution in Paris in 1848, when revolutionaries demanded human and civil rights. (Les Musées de la ville de Paris)

Note to Québec’s premier: French is the language of human rights, not xenophobia

French has historically been a language of human rights. That’s why the Québec government should promote it as a tool of a human rights-based civic education, not force it on newcomers.
Coalition Avenir Québec Leader François Legault launches his campaign at the Montmorency Falls with candidates, Aug. 28, 2022 in Québec City. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jacques Boissinot

Is it important to post election signs in languages other than French in Québec?

Signs in languages other than French could be seen as an outstretched hand in yet another episode of linguistic tensions, but also as an indicator that French is indeed losing ground.
In Canada, the French and English languages generally peacefully coexist. Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Conflicts over language stretch far beyond Russia and Ukraine

It’s common for people to live near others who speak a different – but similar – language. But generally, they handle their differences without violence.
Investir dans l'éducation bilingue peut réduire les redoublements et les décrochages scolaires et améliorer les résultats en matière d'alphabétisation. Riccardo Lennart Niels Mayer / EyeEm via GettyImages

L'enseignement bilingue peut favoriser l'alphabétisation, en Côte d'Ivoire c'est moins évident

Investir dans l'éducation bilingue peut réduire les redoublements et les abandons et améliorer les résultats en matière d'alphabétisation.

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