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This tiny tinker frog is lives in the gullies of Queensland rainforests. Flickr/Smithsonian's National Zoo

Australian endangered species: Tinker frogs

South-west of the port of Gladstone in Queensland lies Kroombit Tops National Park, housing many plants and animals, some of them unique. The reserve includes steep escarpments with wet, rainforest gullies…
There are fewer than 50 Southern Corroboree Frogs in the wild. Michael McFadden

Australian endangered species: Southern Corroboree Frog

High up in the sub-alpine bogs of the Snowy Mountains lives one of Australia’s most iconic and rarest creatures, the Southern Corroboree Frog (Pseudophryne corroboree). This small, vividly-coloured species…
The tiny White-bellied Frog lives in the swamps of south-west Australia. Perth Zoo

Australian endangered species: White-bellied Frog

The White-bellied Frog (Geocrinia alba) is a tiny frog from south-west Western Australia, inhabiting a range of 130km2 between Margaret River and Augusta. It was only discovered in the early 1980s and…
There are less than 45 Southern Corroborree Frogs left in the wild, and chytrid fungus is to blame. AAP Image/Taronga Zoo

Where did the frog pandemic come from?

While humans worry about bird flu, SARS and other emerging diseases, frogs worldwide are quietly suffering their own pandemic. The amphibian chytrid fungus was first found in Australia in the 1990s. By…
An Armoured Mistfrog blending into a rock. Robert Puschendorf

Australian endangered species: Torrent frogs

Torrent frogs are an interesting group of frogs found in the rainforests of north-east Australia. There are four species in the group: the Mountain Mistfrog (Litoria nyakalensis), the Armoured Mistfrog…
More than 400 amphibian species are in decline, but at least one - the Fleay’s barred frog - is showing strong signs of recovery. Froggydarb/Wikimedia Commons

Are our frogs bouncing back?

Globally, amphibians have suffered serious declines and extinctions over the last 30 years. But our research, published today, shows that at least one subtropical rainforest frog is recovering. The most…

Frogs beat disease by croaking together

Ponds with more types of frogs are more resistant to infection, research from University of Colorado has found. The study…

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