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Reach for your wardrobe, not your thermostat. midnightcomm

Why room temperature needed to be taken down a notch

What is a healthy room temperature? On releasing its Cold Weather Plan for 2014, Public Health England has recently revised its recommended minimum levels to keep in good health. No longer, they say, do…
Fetch a bucket. Matluba Mukhamedova/World Bank

Water firms’ failure to invest stores up problems

There’s been much debate this past month about Britain’s rising gas and electricity bills. Price hikes have followed utility companies’ reports of massive increases in profits, such as Scottish Power which…
Rent is free, but scientists turn your lights on and off and open and close your doors remotely. University of Salford

Close doors, boil less water, turn down the heat – save £600

Britain’s housing stock is old and leaky. The vast majority fails to meet modern energy efficiency standards, is responsible for over a quarter of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions, and is often very…
Solving energy problems requires more than just putting on a jumper. Steve Parsons/PA

Rising energy bills require brave leadership, not cuts

The nights are drawing in, leaves are changing from green to gold, and energy suppliers are announcing price hikes. Along with animals disappearing into hibernation, energy price rises have become what…
Can someone turn on the heating? O.F.E

Freezing energy prices risks collusion among big six

Ed Miliband is right to be concerned about the lack of competitiveness in the UK energy retail sector. His worries are shared by many observers in the media and those of us in the regulatory and academic…
If bills are kept low, will there be a price to paid in other ways? Rui Vieira/PA

Miliband bill freeze won’t fix fuel poverty or leaky houses

First the banks lost the public’s trust, then the tax activities of some large corporations were brought under scrutiny. So perhaps taking on the “big six” UK energy companies as household fuel bills incessantly…

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