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Music TV programs, like rage, have provided exposure for artists who would have otherwise been drowned out by the vast amount of music available online.

Rage against the machine: music TV still important for the Australian industry

Digital production and distribution has made it easier to access music than at any other time in human history. But no one starts at “A” in iTunes or on YouTube’s homepage and listens to everything. There…
Platforms that allow users to ‘do things’ with content could represent a new age in music distribution.

‘Doing things’ with music: the newest arm of the industry

Even though revenues from recorded music have fallen dramatically over the past fifteen years, people across the world are not listening to less music. Actually, they listen to more recorded music than…
The social aspects of streaming services are an opportunity for listeners to promote their tastes. Flickr/Joel G Goodman

Spotify: merging music with social media

Our relationships with music are deeply personal and intimate. But we shouldn’t forget that music is also an incredibly powerful social tool capable of bringing people together to share in an experience…
Artists see very little of the “millions” of dollars paid to major record labels for the right to stream content. Blixt A. via Flickr

Music streaming revenue structures stacked against artists

Streaming services like Spotify and Pandora pay many millions of dollars each year for the rights to the music they play. But how much of this ends up back with artists and songwriters? The answer: not…
Music sales have been falling for some time, but this should not attributed to piracy alone. Tracey Nearmy/AAP Image

Music sales are waning but don’t blame the pirates

Fact: worldwide sales of recorded music have declined significantly over the last decade. Fact: there has also been an increase in the use of P2P file-sharing technologies over the last decade. While there…

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