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What are the attributes, self-belief apart, we should reasonably look for in choosing political leaders? AAP/Dean Lewins

Gareth Evans: how to be a successful political leader

Self-belief is an obvious given for anyone aspiring to political leadership. But there are ten other qualities that distinguish the most successful leaders from the rest.
Gareth Evans, foreign minister in the Hawke government, brought an ambitious vision for Australia’s international diplomacy to cabinet. AAP

Cabinet papers 1990-91: the new world order that fizzled

There is little of Gareth Evans’ sweeping analysis in the cabinet papers of 1990-91 of a rapidly changing world order or of his vision of good international citizenship.
Bob Carr ‘obviously revelled being back in the middle of the action’ in his 18 months as foreign minister, says former Labor foreign minister Gareth Evans. AAP/Alan Porritt

Gareth Evans: ‘Bob learned early self-deprecation is for dummies’

Bob Carr took on the job of Australian foreign minister believing, as he doesn’t hesitate to tell us in his Diary of a Foreign Minister, that it was highly unlikely that he would be there for very long…
Professor Gareth Evans believes the political wounds from the actions of Sir John Kerr are yet to heal completely. AAP/Lukas Coch

Gareth Evans maintains the rage

Sir John Kerr was the worst of Australia’s governors-general and his legacy was to delay the emergence of an Australian republic, former Labor minister Gareth Evans will tell a seminar today. Evans will…
Bob Carr is Australia’s new foreign minister after a cabinet reshuffle by Julia Gillard. ABC News24

Cabinet reshuffle: Gareth Evans on Bob Carr

Prime Minister Julia Gillard today delivered a political surprise by announcing former NSW premier Bob Carr as Foreign Minister in her reshuffled cabinet. Carr takes over from Kevin Rudd, who returns to…

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