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Anyone could be Clarksoned these days. Mark Hooper

In a post-Snowden world, can we afford to criticise Clarkson?

Jeremy Clarkson is in the soup again for saying the wrong thing. This time he has been accused of using deeply offensive, racist language, in a Top Gear outtake two years ago. The usual gang of anti-Clarksonites…
Someone get a fire extinguisher! Just, you know, maybe not Mark Zuckerberg. cibomahto

The internet is on fire but Snowden’s heroes can’t save us

Just ahead of the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web, Edward Snowden has sent what he hopes will be a strong message to the powers that control the internet in a video link streamed live to South by…
GCHQ has been making friends online. Shame it didn’t tell them. Magic Madzik

How to protect yourself when GCHQ goes for your webcam

News that government intelligence agency GCHQ has been intercepting and storing webcam images from 1.8 million users of Yahoo’s chat service under the codename Optic Nerve is a reminder of how close we…

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