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Mo Mowlam, secretary of state for Northern Ireland at the time of the Good Friday Agreement. PA Archive

Good Friday Agreement: ten key people who helped bring about peace in Northern Ireland 20 years ago

In a series of short audio clips, four academics talk about the key figures involved in making the Good Friday Agreement of April 1998 possible.
Where next for oral history? Rochelle Hartman

Oral history can survive the Boston College tapes debacle

It is probably just as well that Boston College plans to return the tapes to ex-IRA and loyalist paramilitaries who were interviewed and recorded as part of their Center for Irish Programs’ Belfast project…
Irish situation is delicate enough without talk of referendums anywhere near Stormont. Joel Riley

Scottish ballot is not stoking nationalism in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s oldest joke is that a man is asked, “Are you Protestant or Catholic?” to which he replies, “Actually I’m Jewish”. His questioner responds: “Yes but are you a Protestant or a Catholic…

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