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Call centre workers in India. ILO in Asia and the Pacific

Offshore call centre work is breeding a new colonialism

The outsourcing of call-centre work to developing countries by Western companies has become a huge business. For many, it represents a positive force of globalisation, bringing not only cost benefits to…
Divided we fall: a Catalonian independence rally. Ivan McClellan via Wikimedia Commons

As anti-globalisation politics fail, nationalism sweeps the world

After decades of deepening globalisation and interconnection, movements championing national identity and power are sweeping the globe. Breakaway regions, independence referendums, and campaigns for stronger…

Globalisation improves quality of life

New research shows globalisation is improving quality of life and equality for more people compared with three decades ago…
Prepare for the unexpected. Christiaan Triebert

Businesses must pay attention to Syrian warning signs

The Syrian crisis enters a new chapter. The international community has struggled to produce what may prove to be an interim solution. But this is just another crisis in the Middle East, they say. Things…
They’re going thataway: David Cameron delivers a speech on immigration at the University of Suffolk, March 2013. Paul Rogers/The Times/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Roll up! Roll-up! It’s the all-party immigration game show

Foundation essay: Welcome to the first in a series of articles marking the launch of The Conversation in the UK. Our foundation essays are longer than our usual comment and analysis articles and take a…
Women will be the key to dealing with the growth in population. Flickr/PhotograTree

Seven billion reasons to be a feminist

SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE: I had better write fast. Sometime between my deadline to submit this story and the time it goes live, the estimated world population will exceed 7 billion for the first time ever…
Protests continue - but are global economies now bound inextricably together?

Remember globalisation? It’s all around you

Remember globalisation? It’s not a term that’s much in vogue any more. Here at Flinders University, our globalisation program closed down last year. But if you were around in the 1980s and 1990s, you might…
Police dragged protestors away from the Occupy Melbourne protests one by one. AAP/Julian Smith

#OccupyMelbourne - an eyewitness account of overwhelming police force

I received a text message on Friday morning from a friend at the Occupy Melbourne protest at City Square, saying that the protesters were about to be forcibly evicted. From my time in City Square the previous…

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