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Should legislation be used to tame the search engine’s appetite? COG LOG LAB

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Google, that’s who

We all know Google has a history of privacy-related misdemeanors but a report in the Wall Street Journal last week suggests the search giant hasn’t learn from its mistakes. The report, about the findings…
The creative sector may need a little help protecting itself online. unsure shot

Should Google be doing more to combat online piracy?

Creators of online content should feel free to share material online without fear of non-attribution or piracy, or having their copyright or trademarks misused. Plainly, the current system of enforcement…
Going public is not without its risks, even for internet giants. Peter DaSilva/EPA

Facebook IPO – what it means for Zuckerberg and you

Facebook announced overnight that it’s going to sell US$5 billion of shares in its long-awaited initial public offering (IPO). Company executives filed the official paperwork to get the IPO process underway…
Who really knows what you want – the search engine or you? Ste fan

Google search just got way more personal … and that’s a problem

In what has been labelled a “bad day for the internet”, Google last week changed its search engine to include personalised results from Google+. The introduction of Google Search plus Your World has led…
Looking at the earth from above can reveal incredible secrets. delayed gratification

Googling the past: how I uncovered prehistoric remains from my office

Archaeology is the study of the remains of the past but has long been predatory on the sciences and their ever-growing technologies. I was brought up as a student in 1970s Britain, when we learned of the…
What’s coming up? Where will we find it? What does it mean? h.koppdelaney

Top ten tech predictions for 2012 … and how to interpret them

Around this time of year you see plenty of articles (such as this one) reflecting on notable technologies and events of the year now gone. Such pieces will also attempt to predict the events of the year…
Stuck between sock stores and sanger stalls? This tech could really help. avlxyz

Can Google kill the Gruen transfer in time for Christmas?

Christmas is fast approaching and there’s a (very big) chance you’ve got some last-minute shopping to do. You won’t be the only one, and with shopping centres packed to capacity, it’s easy to get lost…
The scorecard for Google+ to date shows pluses and minuses. Birgerking.

Why aren’t we using Google+?

Features are not friends. That’s the simple message to Google+ from 40 University of Queensland students after using the system since its invite-only launch in July. To say the service’s fortunes to date…
Responses to climate change are becoming a crucial part of business strategy. AAP/Google

Google goes green … and others may follow

In early September, Google publicly disclosed details of its carbon footprint for the first time, launching the Google Green website in the process. The search giant revealed a carbon footprint of 1.5…
Carrying cards and cash on your phone seems like a big call. Google

Is Google Wallet a virtual game-changer?

So it’s finally here: Google Wallet, a free Android app that turns your (Google) smartphone into a mobile payment system, launched today. To do this, the company has partnered with Citi, MasterCard, First…
A battle is raging over search and serendipity online. AndYaDontStop

Is StumbleUpon trumping Facebook in the internet attention wars?

The latest salvo in the internet attention wars has come in the form of figures from StatCounter. A relatively small content driving service called StumbleUpon drove more than 50% of all social media referral…
Google CEO Eric Schmidt will discuss collaboration at the Edinburgh TV Festival. Peter Parks/AFP

Will Google get good TV reception? All eyes on Edinburgh

Google chairman Eric Schmidt will make history tomorrow as the first IT/internet executive to deliver the MacTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival. In doing so, he will face…

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