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People were talking about heatwaves long before the data proved they were on the rise. Powerhouse Museum/Wikimedia Commons

Google’s vast library reveals the rising tide of climate-related words in literature

The history of climate change is writ large in literature - and not just scientific journals. An analysis of Google’s vast library shows a rise in use of phrases such as “unusual weather” and “heat wave”.
Is your Yellow Pages destined for the recycling? Flickr/Francis Mariani

‘Google Schmoogle’ – how Yellow Pages got it so wrong

Yellow Pages directories have been appearing on doorsteps across Australia in recent weeks. As often as not, they go straight into the recycling bin. In the world of the internet and e-commerce, the very…
Serialised eBook chapters force us to make time to read. Ken Lee

A good year for screen readers: notable eBooks of 2013

I’ve nominated these eBooks as notable publications in 2013 based on three criteria. First, I enjoyed reading them enough to finish the whole text on a digital device. Second, they use the digital format…
Ageing books could be lost forever without clear guidance from government. robfos

Clear copyright rules needed to take on Google Books

The headaches involved in setting up digital archives could be holding back cultural organisations from making thousands of historical documents, books and films available to the general public, a report…

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