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The tax deal between the UK government and Google shows governments have a long way to go when sharing the benefits of the knowledge economy. Andy Rain/EPA/AAP

When ‘innovation’ fails to fix our finances

The rest of society won’t see the benefits of innovation until governments figure out a way to effectively tax the knowledge economy.
Book publishing giant Amazon has responded to the UK’s Google tax by restructuring its European tax affairs. Image sourced from

Amazon shows Google tax can work, despite arguments against it

The Law Council of Australia has claimed Australia’s proposed Google tax should not be implemented - but a backflip by Amazon in the UK shows it can work.
Greens leader Christine Milne argues Australia is not doing enough to combat corporate tax avoidance. Lukas Coch/AAP

Experts caution Australia on unilateral ‘Google tax’

Treasurer Joe Hockey is considering a Google tax similar to that introduced in the UK, but experts warn it could derail global action on tax avoidance.

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