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The World Health Organisation is the undoubted leader in global health but faces a crisis of leadership. US Mission Geneva

Truth to power: reforming the World Health Organization

The World Health Organisation has a vital role to play in global health but 65 years after it came into being, it’s plagued by ossified structures that prevent it from exercising the flexibility it needs…
Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey wants the Opposition’s policies privately costed. AAP

Costing the promises: what is a Parliamentary Budget Office?

Federal parliament has begun debating the merits of a new independent unit which would cost election promises and policies for all parliamentarians. But one of the more controversial aspects of the Gillard…
Hazlewood coal-fired power station would be uneconomic under a carbon tax. AAP

A recipe for making the carbon tax a success

The carbon tax is the latest attempt by an Australian government to legislate in order to avert disaster, this time to the climate. Whether the tax will become law sits on a knife edge, and the stakes…
Despite the success of the State of Origin, rugby league still lags behind the AFL in terms of popularity. AAP

How bad governance is holding rugby league back

The move to establish an independent commission to run rugby league is a long overdue acknowledgement that strong corporate governance is essential in the small but intensely competitive Australian market…

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