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Children’s needs are not always catered for in the public school system . Paul Miller/AAP

Is there a crisis in public education?

Public schools are spaces in which equality can either be supported or weakened.
Education Minister Simon Birmingham is calling for a new education funding model to replace Gonski. Lukas Coch/AAP

Gonski model was corrupted, but Labor and Coalition are both to blame

Instead of a needs-based model, we ended up with an inconsistent patchwork of approaches across Australian states and territories that protected the vested interests of non-government schools.
Should the government both manage and regulate school systems in Australia? from

Why education departments should be broken up

Responsibility for the operation of public schools needs to be separated from the policymaking and regulatory functions and put into a separate authority.
The education system can do more to meet the needs of individual children. from

If not Gonski funding, then what?

It is not a question about whether to invest in bold and meaningful education policy, but how to invest, where it is needed, and in the areas that are proven to have impact.

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