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The Aldabra giant tortoise spreads tree seeds through defecating, helping the seeds germinate and restore Madagascar’s forests. Gerard Soury/Getty Images

Madagascar: giant tortoises have returned 600 years after they were wiped out

Re-wilding Madagascar with giant tortoises last found on the island 600 years ago could help the island mitigate climate change.
An ape that lived 21 million years ago was used to a habitat that was both grassy and wooded. Corbin Rainbolt

Wooded grasslands flourished in Africa 21 million years ago – new research forces a rethink of ape evolution

Contrary to the idea that apes evolved their upright posture to reach for fruit in the forest canopy, the earliest known ape with this stature, Morotopithecus, lived in more open grassy environments.
California’s snowpack was more than twice the average in much of the state in early March 2023. Mario Tama/Getty Images

Is the Western drought finally ending? That depends on where you look

Reservoirs and streams are in good shape in California and the Great Basin, but groundwater and ecosystems are another story. And then there’s the Colorado River Basin.
Sandstorm approaching Merzouga Settlement in Erg Chebbi Desert, Morocco. Pavliha/Getty Images

Six areas where action must focus to rescue this planet

Humanity’s biggest challenges are not technical, but social, economic, political and behavioural. Effective actions are still possible to stabilise the climate and the planet, but must be taken now.
Aerial view of native seedlings for forest restoration at the the Instituto Terra, Aimores, Brazil. Christian Ender/Getty Images

Arbor Day: Why planting trees isn’t enough

Large-scale tree-planting projects are politically popular and media-friendly, but without effective planning and long-term management, they can do more harm than good.

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