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In 2016, it cost A$12.4 billion to operate the Group of Eight universities, of which public funds from the government provided A$6.7 billion. The London Economics report reveals that the work of the Group of 8, delivered a return of over A$66 billion to the nation. UNSW

National Press Club address: Ian Jacobs on universities, Australia’s ‘hidden’ asset

A new report found that every one dollar of public funding spent on Go8 university research generated A$9.76 across the Australian economy, a roughly 10 fold return on the government’s investment.
Under a demand driven system, poor students are finding more opportunities to attend university. from

Uncapping of university places has not failed disadvantaged students

While on the face of it a 1.5% increase in the number of disadvantaged students going to university might seem minimal, in real terms this is genuinely significant.
Do the Group of Eight universities actually have a cash-flow problem, or are they more concerned about increasing their prestige to attract international students? Flickr/

Group of Eight’s change of tack smacks of self-interest

The Group of Eight have now withdrawn their support for fee deregulation, despite it already having caused fissures in the higher education system. But what are they worried about? And what sort of conversation do they want to have now?
Group of Eight universities will benefit from fee deregulation, but what about everybody else? AAP

Trickle up: only the elite will benefit from fee deregulation

Professor Ian Young, the Chair of the Group of Eight Universities, has argued that fee deregulation will have a positive effect on all universities. The Group of Eight universities will take the opportunity…
Will students pay exorbitant fees for Australia’s most prestigious universities if there’s no future financial benefit? Flickr/Justin Kim

Prestige costs rather than pays in higher education

The belief of Australia’s Group of Eight elite universities that fee deregulation will allow them to fund their chase for global prestige is based on a fundamental misreading of the economics of elite…
Calculating the economic impact of research has proved a challenging task for universities. Leo Reynolds

Universities close in on research impact measures

The impact of university research can and should be measured, says Australian Technology Network executive director Vicki Thomson, but more work needs to be done before impact can be linked to funding…
Last year’s “Discoveries Need Dollars” campaign saw the research sector directly target the 2011 federal budget. AAP

Universities gear up to stave off research cuts

Australia’s Group of Eight universities are preparing a campaign against cuts to health and medical research grants after Treasurer Wayne Swan refused to rule them out during Question Time last night…

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