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Clinical guidelines can change when new research provides contradictory findings. Thomas Barwick/DigitalVision via Getty Images

Medical guidelines that embrace the humility of uncertainty could help doctors choose treatments with more research evidence behind them

How doctors care for their patients is highly influenced by clinical guidelines. Recommendations based on anecdotal experience or poor data can harm patients.
The reliability of a new guideline for the management of chronic hepatitis C is questionable, given the financial conflicts of interest documented by its authors. (Shutterstock)

Can you rely on the drugs that your doctor prescribes?

In the run up to the Global Hepatitis Summit 2018, new guidelines for the management of hepatitis C should come under scrutiny – for financial conflict of interest and quality of evidence.
Media reports failed to mention limits to evidence in new guidelines about sitting and moving at work, and missed commercial interests that were initially not disclosed. Kennyrhoads/Wikimedia Commons

How the media oversold standing desks as a fix for inactivity at work

Here’s how reporting of the world’s first specific advice on reducing inactivity at work has overplayed the role of standing desks.
Healthy food needs to promote long-term health, so must consider environmental impact. Mark Lawrence

Update Australia’s dietary guidelines to consider sustainability

When eating for health and the environment, not all foods are created equal. The consumption of seafood has led to the over-exploitation of three quarters of the world’s oceans. Meat and dairy foods require…
Guidelines for reporting deaths, epidemics and emerging diseases balance the needs of the media with the constraints facing public health officials. DFID - UK Department for International Development

Telling it like it is: US health reporting guidelines reveal Australian media quirks

A new set of guidelines produced in the United States for reporting deaths, epidemics and emerging diseases has relevance for Australian media. It shows the differences in the way news organisations in…

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