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One of the alternative communication systems written in Yolŋu. Provided by author.

A rare disease in the Top End affects muscles for speech. Here’s how we’re designing alternative ways to communicate in Yolŋu languages

Degenerative illness Machado-Joseph disease, which affects speech, is prevalent among First Nations people in northern Australia. Researchers have now created Yolŋu communication systems to help mob.
Bundhurr Marburumburaay Miilgi Ngalgarra (lighting, thunder, rain, shine)- no matter how big, strong or scary the storm the sun will shine again. Artist Renae Lamb, Wiradjuri Wongabong. Owner Midnight Dreaming. Used with permission. Provided by author

10 ways we can better respond to the pandemic in a trauma-informed way

The COVID-19 pandemic is a stressful time for all, and even more so for people experiencing trauma-related stress. How can public health emergency responses avoid further trauma for vulnerable people?

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