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Touch of salt needed, I think. Heng Sinith/AP

Improving cookstoves will help save lives - and the planet

Around three billion people in the world, largely in developing countries, rely on fuels like wood and charcoal for cooking and heating in the home. But burning these biomass fuels, not least in confined…
After the election, healthcare reform needs to be a priority for the Queensland government. AAP Image/Dan Peled

Queensland’s top five health priorities this election

No matter who wins the Queensland election this Saturday, the next premier of Queensland will have to face up to some serious challenges within the state’s health system. There were improvements made under…
Added sweetners are contributing to a rise in diseases, experts say. Flickr/Tony Castillo.

Health experts want ‘toxic’ sugar to be regulated like alcohol

Governments should tax added sweeteners and limit their sale to people over a certain age, say health experts who consider sugar just as toxic to our health as alcohol. The consumption of sugar has tripled…

Poor health can lead to dementia

Maintaining very good health including good sight, hearing and break-free bones may lower a person’s risk of developing dementia…

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