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Smoking lowers ‘good cholesterol’

A molecular process in smoking-related heart disease has been linked to a chemical in cigarettes called benzo(a)pyrene, or…
We all know obesity increases our risk of chronic disease, but how does excess fat actually affect our body?

Explainer: how does excess weight cause disease?

OBESE NATION: It’s time to admit it - Australia is becoming an obese nation. Today we launch a series looking at how this has happened and, more importantly, what we can do to stop the obesity epidemic…
Hundreds of cases of serious heart defects in newborns are missed in Australia each year. AAP/Victorian Department of Health

Simple test for heart defects in babies should be routine

Newborn screening for life-threatening congenital heart defects using pulse oximetry - a simple, low-cost test - is the most…
Sperm is injected into an egg cell using a microscope at an IVF clinic. EPA/Waltraud Grubitzsch

IVF babies at greater risk of heart problems in later life

Babies born through IVF procedures are at greater risk of developing heart problems, according to research that suggests…
Burgers at Hungry Jack’s in Australia contain more salt than at stores in other countries. AAP/Edwina Scott

Salt levels in Australian fast food ‘well above acceptable’

Fast foods in Australia contain less salt than their equivalent in the US but more than in France and Britain, a comparison…
Could drugs temper the unconscious racial attitudes of these men? Flickr/Wyoming_Jackrabbit

Heart disease medication: can it really affect subconscious racial bias?

A drug used to treat heart disease may have the additional effect of reducing subconscious racial bias, a study has found. Researchers who gave people the drug propranolol found that they scored much lower…
Just getting off your chair regularly and moving around is enough to improve your health. Victor1558

Office workers – it’s time to beat the bulge and quit the sit

I’ve never been a smoker but lately I’ve started to take on some of the same zeal of reformed addicts. You see, a few years ago, I took a long, hard look at myself and decided to kick one of the most unnecessary…
You can use all kinds of iPhone apps to track and improve your health. chunghow33

Reviewing the top medical iPhone apps … what’s the diagnosis?

Want to quit smoking, lose weight, manage your diabetes or get a good night’s sleep? No worries. There’s an app for all of that. But it’s not always clear which medical apps are based on solid evidence…

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