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Those already working will face tax increases of 1%-2% of their income from 2018. from

Let graduates use super to pay off HELP debt faster

The government should add a ‘super payment option’ that allows graduates to offset the cost of their HELP repayments.
The government proposes increases in the student contribution to course fees totalling 7.5%, and is lowering the first income threshold for HELP repayment. Dean Lewins/AAP

NATSEM models the impact of HELP changes

NATSEM has modelled the impact of the changes to the HELP debt repayments the government announced this week.
The idea of adding student income support to their HELP debt has been floated, but student debt is already high. Shutterstock

Student debt costs are an obstacle to new student loans

A Grattan Institute report I co-authored highlights student debt costs, with the finding that the government could save $800 million a year by retrieving unpaid debts from deceased estates and students…

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