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Thick wildfire smoke blankets the landscape near Water Valley, Alta., in May 2023. Evidence linking wildfire smoke with adverse health effects has been accumulating for years. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

Wildfire smoke is an increasing threat to Canadians’ health

The notion that wildfire smoke is ‘natural,’ and therefore less harmful than other types of air pollution, is not supported by the evidence. Wildfire smoke has been linked to adverse health effects.
A sign is placed outside a disinfected classroom at Queen’s Hill Primary School in Costessey near Norwich. PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

COVID in schools – how ventilation can help to combat spread of virus

Governments and companies alike are budgeting millions for air cleaning technologies to curb the spread of COVID. Experts say standard building ventilation - and social distancing - work
Low-cost air-ventilation systems have been installed in many classrooms across the U.S. to help reduce COVID-19 transmission. Halfpoint Images/Moment via Getty Images

COVID-19 has spurred investments in air filtration for K-12 schools – but these technologies aren’t an instant fix

Air-ventilation upgrades have been badly needed in U.S. classrooms since long before the pandemic. Low-tech filtration systems that cost about the same as a textbook per student can make a big difference.

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