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An international study has dismissed the effectiveness of a homeopathic flu remedy but it is still being advertised in South Africa as a viable solution. shutterstock

Why an ineffective flu remedy is still being advertised in South Africa

Internationally, the effects of a homeopathic flu remedy has been dismissed – but, in South Africa, it is still being advertised as effective.
All dentists should be practising evidence-based dentistry for the sake of their patients. John Dill/Flickr

‘Holistic’ dentistry: more poppycock than panacea?

Holistic dentistry claims to promote overall wellness rather than simply treating disease. But the lack of evidence for the alternative therapies underpinning it are cause for concern.
The statement by the NHMRC is based on a summary of research on homeopathy’s effectiveness for treating health conditions. Guillaume Brialon/Flickr

Health experts find no evidence homeopathy works, again

Two years in the making, a statement released by the National Health and Medicine Research Council has found no reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective.
Homeopathic medicines are not drugs and homeopathy involves much more than the use of a particular therapy. Oonagh Taeger/Flickr

Does the weight of evidence signal the end of homeopathy?

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recently completed a review of the evidence for homeopathy’s effectiveness and, after analysing systematic reviews of clinical trials, concluded…
Science or pseudoscience? Flickr/Aff (formerly Odd Bod)

Where is the proof in pseudoscience?

The word “pseudoscience” is used to describe something that is portrayed as scientific but fails to meet scientific criteria. This misrepresentation occurs because actual science has creditability (which…
Just add water. Richard Craig

What does the public really think about homeopathy?

There is nothing more likely to raise the hackles of any self-respecting rationalist than to be confronted with the latest celebrity story about the miraculous healing power of homeopathy or some other…
Martin Parker

What if water had memory?

Homeopaths believe water has memory. That is how they explain the “medicinal properties” of their concoctions. Apparently people are treated even though the pill or potion may not contain a single molecule…
The ACCC is taking legal action over claims homeopathic remedies are a safe and effective alternative for the prevention and treatment of whooping cough. Flickr/kh1234567890

ACCC takes legal action over homeopathy claims

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has instituted Federal Court proceedings against a repeat offender over allegedly misleading claims on a homeopathy website. The regulator is targeting…
Recent consultations found continued inaction on regulatory matters means the community has lost trust in the TGA. Pharmacare Laboratories' website

Kids Smart’s dumb ads: consumers complain of misleading claims

Pharmacare Laboratories is facing a new complaint about its Kids Smart homeopathic medicines amid concerns parents who use the products may delay seeking medical treatment. The complaint – lodged by a…
Could a Canadian-style class action dent the credibility of homeopathy in Australia? Flickr/kh1234567890

The legal challenge that could stop homeopathy in its tracks

One hundred years of rigorous scientific research hasn’t dented the faith of adherents of homeopathy. The complementary therapy is still centred on the notion that water has a therapeutic “memory” and…
The Conversation’s health coverage: policy, chiropractic, obesity and medicine. AAP,, Puuiki Beach, LJA Kliche

Health + Medicine: reflections on our first year

In The Conversation’s first editorial meeting editor Andrew Jaspan explained what he wanted to achieve with the site: a more informed level of debate, based on evidence, research and expert opinion. It…
Treatments should be based on how well they make people feel rather than how scientific or traditional the medicine is. By Wikidudeman

No need for an alternative medicine crackdown

Homeopathy is a combination of tradition, art and a science that has been used for centuries. Does it really matter if its effect is placebo if it makes people feel better and regain good health? And why…
The NHMRC’s draft statement on homeopathy is too narrow. Flirkc/kh1234567890

Homeopathy isn’t unethical, it’s just controversial

The ethics of homeopathy was once again thrust into the spotlight yesterday after a leaked draft of the National Health and Medical Research Council’s statement on homeopathy revealed the agency was considering…

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