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A worker handles meat at the Doly-Com abattoir in Romania in 2013 when Europe was facing a scandal over incorrectly declared horsemeat. The problem of food fraud and its health and economic implications affect a broad range of foods around the world, but technology could soon end the problem. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

How technology will help fight food fraud

Food fraud is a common problem that technologies such as blockchain and DNA fingerprinting can help to solve.
An estimated 30-50% of food produced worldwide is wasted, and ends up only fit for the birds. Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

Food waste: beyond fridge guilt to a sustainable system

The food system is perhaps the most vital component of our modern industrialised world. Without food in shops, it’s fair to say society would unravel in a matter of days. The food industry is in many ways…
The current scandal may be about unacknowledged horse meat, but consumers also get dished up all manner of additives and potentially unsanitary processing. AAP

Let’s not mince words, the horse meat scandal is all about our chemical romance with flesh

The discovery of horseflesh in a number of otherwise-labelled meat products in Europe is being described as a scandal but it is an entirely predictable result of industrialised animal exploitation organised…
Long supply chains are common in the food industry, which is mostly concerned with cutting costs and “just on time” management. AAP

Horse meat scandal’s long tail highlights risks of lengthy supply chains

Back in September 2012, an Irish food safety inspector noticed some discrepancies in the labelling and packaging of some frozen meat brought in by a small import-export company. By January 2013, the scandal…
The horse meat scandal seems to be more about the taboo issue of eating our pets than actual health concerns. Fredrik von Erichsen/AAP

Neigh-sayers: why we won’t agree to eat a dead horse

Imagine the following scenario. You go into your local sandwich shop for lunch and order a roast beef on rye with a dash of mustard. As you bite into the sandwich you notice something is not right. The…
The plot thickened when some Findus and Aldi products were found to contain 100% horse meat. Ian Langsdon/AAP

Horse-meat scandal is about breach of consumer trust

Woolworths has announced it will conduct DNA tests on its home-brand meals in response to horse meat contamination in Europe. The uproar follows revelations by Irish food inspectors in mid-January that…

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