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Greyhound racing needs a consistent approach, or trainers will move to jurisdictions where rules are more lax. Kay Nietfeld/EPA

Greyhound ban shows need for joined-up thinking across all animal industries

New South Wales’ ban on greyhound racing is a response to the high rate of animal deaths in the industry. But what about other states, and other animal industries, where the problem is prevalent too?
A New Delhi laborer’s dirtied hands after work in a shoe factory. Adnan Abidi/Reuters

Safer chemicals would benefit both consumers and workers

Regulations are catching up with toxic chemicals we’re exposed to as products’ end users. But workers in un- or underregulated places are still at risk, even from chemicals designed to be “green.”
US bankers like JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon fear increased bank regulation. Chuck Hagel/Flickr

Time for bankers to have a capital rethink

A plan by US regulators to impose greater capital requirements on the nation’s eight biggest banks has prompted complaints it will put the banks at a global disadvantage. The proposal is that the banks…
The Reserve Bank’s mandate is much broader than that of prudential regulator, APRA. ArchivesACT/Flickr

The case for the Reserve Bank to swallow APRA

One of the major recommendations made by the 1997 Wallis Inquiry into banking was to establish a prudential regulator for the financial sector separate from the Reserve Bank of Australia. The new regulator…
Hitting a brick wall? lydia_shiningbrightly

Flaws in our thinking mean banks can do without our trust

The ongoing global financial crisis (because we’re not out of it yet, are we?) is often characterised as a crisis of trust. Distrust of the banks was a major theme – but distrust extended also to credit…

National regulation ineffective for charities

The scrapping of the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) should not be seen as discouraging, considering…
There’s more oil down there, and it’s the regulator’s job to make sure it comes up. AP/PA

Compel firms to extract North Sea oil in the nation’s interest

For decades the UK has been accustomed to filling its coffers with the bounty from North Sea oil and gas, and the jobs and tax receipts it has brought. At one time exports helped balance the books and…
Recent regulator thinking on the financial system has been to favour stability over competition. thehutch/Flickr

From crisis to cosy: why banking needs another inquiry

Reporting season has delivered another round of record bank profits. Yet, in itself, this is no bad thing. Former Reserve Bank governor, the late Sir Harold Knight, used to quip that profitable banks don’t…
ASIC Chairman Greg Medcraft. Dan Peled/AAP

ASIC underwhelms with call for greater powers

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has called for more powers, including a broadening of the definition of “whistleblower”, in a paper defending its role as the corporate watchdog. ASIC’s…
Pathology service providers should be encouraged to adopt a code of conduct similar to that of Medicines Australia. Waiting room image from

Small step for transparency in medicine but what about pathology?

You’ve probably given little thought to the slip of paper your GP hands you when she sends you off for a blood test. After all, you’re likely to have more important things to worry about. But the next…
Fishing has been banned in Gladstone while authorities try to determine what’s killing marine species. robstephaustralia

Is dredging killing the Gladstone fish and making us sick?

Several individuals have required medical attention after a mystery disease appeared to spread to humans from fish in waters near Gladstone, Queensland. Fishing bans are currently in place and local residents…

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