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This anonymised image of FGC-9 creator ‘JStark1809’ was posted online with the gun’s designs in 2020. JStark1809/Deterrence Dispensed via Wikimedia

‘Gun control is dead and we killed it’: unmasking the lonely incel who designed the world’s most popular 3D-printed firearm

Growing numbers of insurgents, terrorists and extremists are using the FGC-9 3D-printed gun. Here’s what I learned about the man who created it, and the dark world he inhabited
Referee Michael Oliver (in blue) is abused by Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon during a 2018 Champions League tie. Afterwards, Oliver and his wife were sent abusive emails and texts, including death threats. Cristiano Barni/Shutterstock

Football’s referee crisis: we asked thousands of refs about the abuse and violence that’s driving them out of the game

As Euro 2024 kicks off, the governing body of European football is urgently trying to recruit thousands of new grassroots officials. Is football really in danger of running out of referees?
Annie Hughes Griffiths holds the Welsh women’s petition for peace at the White House on February 21 1924, alongside (l-r) Gladys Thomas, Mary Ellis and Elined Prys. WCIA/Temple of Peace Archives

A century ago, the women of Wales made an audacious appeal for world peace – this is their story

A tour of the US was the culmination of an extraordinary peace campaign that gathered 390,296 signatures from women all over Wales. So why does it not appear in any history books?
Families of victims of the contaminated blood scandal protest outside the UK Cabinet Office in central London, November 2023. Richard Lincoln/Alamy Stock Photo

‘They call us the fatherless ones’: the trauma of families devastated by the infected blood scandal will last for generations

One person still dies every three days in the UK after receiving contaminated blood in the 1970s and ‘80s. This global scandal has has devastated many families, including those with haemophilia
The body of socialist leader Giacomo Matteotti is discovered on the outskirts of Rome on August 16 1924, two months after his disappearance. Archivio GBB/Alamy

The murder of Giacomo Matteotti – reinvestigating Italy’s most infamous cold case

One hundred years after the Italian opposition leader’s murder, documents long locked away at the London School of Economics could shed new light on Mussolini’s involvement in his death
Analogue music enthusiasts configure a modular synthesizer at the Revision festival in Saarbrücken, Germany, March 2016. DPA Picture Alliance/Alamy Stock Photo

Hard work and happy accidents: why do so many of us prefer ‘difficult’ analogue technology?

We have spent a decade researching what’s behind the extraordinary revival of vinyl records, film cameras and other ‘old school’ technology
India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, takes part in the consecration of a controversial new Hindu temple in Ayodhya, January 2024. Planetpix/Alamy Stock Photo

The authoritarian leader’s playbook: how Narendra Modi captured India’s legal system and is rewriting the country’s history in his image

Over the past decade, I have documented the erosion of India’s once robustly democratic legal system as part of Prime Minister Modi’s ‘authoritarian playbook’

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