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Foxconn was nominated for the 2011 Public Eye Award, which produced this image as part of its campaign to end labour exploitation. Greenpeace Switzerland/flickr

A bloody decade of the iPhone

The first ten years of the iPhone has been a bloody decade of labour abuse, especially in Chinese factories such as those run by Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics manufacturer.
Slimmed down before the Christmas binge. Apple’s latest iPads.

Slim iPad and new hardware show Apple can still innovate

Is it time to reappraise the idea that Apple is incapable of innovation in the post Jobs era? The company has failed to introduce a game changing consumer device since the iPad but its latest range contains…

Breakthrough in flexible touchscreen technology

A new design of touchscreen technology that uses metal nanowires could enable flexible touchscreens that are cheaper to make…
Apple share price has been punished after unveilling disappointing first quarter earnings, but its “cool” status has taken a bigger hit.

No longer a brand apart: getting to the core of Apple’s share price slump

The stockmarket was hoping for great things from Apple’s earnings announcement for the December quarter. Most of all, they were hoping for something that would turn around a four month slide in Apple’s…
All new UWS students will be given an iPad next year as part of a plan to boost learning innovation. AAP

Free ‘trinkets’ while courses cut: union condemns UWS iPads plan

The academics union has condemned a plan by the University of Western Sydney to give away 11,000 iPads as part of a $35 million bid to keep its content and teaching relevant to students. All new students…
After launching with fanfare less than two years ago, News Corporation’s iPad newspaper, The Daily, will close after failing to attract a large enough audience. AAP

The Daily didn’t work, but it’s not the end for news on tablets

The Daily was launched in February 2011 to great fanfare. It was the first iPad only newspaper (although it did have a web mirror but that was just for sharing). It had a simple price, $1 per week, and…
Ropey for writing on … but still easy to fall in love with. ebayink

Finger-flicking good: have digital tablets become essential?

The onward march of digital tablets looks incontestable. Tablets are now threatening sales of personal computers in K-12 education in the USA. And the forthcoming launch of a new kiddie-tablet called Tabeo…
The jury is still out over the environmental impacts of eReaders versus paper books. Julie Falk

Weighing the environmental costs: buy an eReader, or a shelf of books?

Bookshelves towering floor to ceiling filled with weighty tomes, or one book-sized device holding hundreds of “books” in electronic form: which one of these options for the voracious reader creates the…
It’s got new cameras, a new screen and it generated plenty of old-fashioned launch hype. Apple

Apple’s new iPad is no game-changer … but does that really matter?

Ever since the death of Steve Jobs, interested onlookers have been watching for the first missteps in Apple’s seemingly faultless journey to becoming the world’s most valued and valuable company. Because…

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