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Australia’s love affair with China is grounded on more than proximity and fascination. William West/AFP/AAP

China-Australia doomsayers overlook strong fundamentals

Pop quiz: in 2014 the quantity of Australian iron ore demanded by China has: a) fallen sharply, b) fallen modestly, c) remained the same, d) increased modestly, e) increased sharply? The answer in just…
Rio Tinto’s West Angelas mine, a joint venture with Japanese interests, is facing a new record low iron ore price. Alan Porritt/AAP

Iron ore race to the bottom not in the interests of Australians

The world’s biggest iron ore producer, Vale, has announced its intention to expand production despite a falling price. This follows similar announcements by Rio Tinto and BHP. This expansion in production…
Clive Palmer’s relationship with Chinese investors has seen better days. David Barbeler/AAP

Digging beneath China’s interest in Australian iron ore projects

The Australian iron ore industry is no place for the faint hearted. On April 11, Padbury Mining spectacularly announced billions in funding (reportedly backed by Chinese investors) to develop the Oakajee…
Iron ore prices have rebounded: but forecasting prices is a tricky business. AAP

A rebound in iron ore prices? Who knows?

Forecasting commodity prices is like buying a second hand car. Only the car’s previous owner and perhaps the dealer really know what the car is actually like. In contrast you, the buyer, are an outsider…
Australian iron ore producers have had a torrid time in recent months - but how they quickly they can respond to such fluctuations will be critical to their continued success. AAP

The floating fortunes of our iron ore barons

Despite the recent fluctuations of the iron ore price, producers such as mining billionaires Andrew Forrest and Gina Rinehart entered the iron ore market with eyes wide open and understand the long-term…
Iron ore miner Fortescue Metals announced this week it was delaying $1.6 billion in investments as iron ore spot prices continued to fall: but is it really time to panic about China’s manufacturing sector? AAP

Iron ore prices continue to fall, but is it really time to panic about China?

This week we learnt that Australia’s GDP growth fell significantly in the second quarter compared with the first. The fact that GDP growth is a lagging indicator raises serious questions about the current…

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