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From the streets to parliament. thierry ehrmann

Syriza’s not-so radical politics and Europe’s economic choice

Syriza, now on the verge of a historic election victory in Greece, has risen dramatically as an electoral force on the back of a plan to write off debt and end austerity. However, talk of the party introducing…
Oxford’s dons need to get ready for some new thinking. lukecanvin

After the financial crisis, we need a new way to teach PPE

When it comes to debating the rights and wrongs of public policies, economists have always held a privileged position. While citizens and less respected social scientists must strive to get their voices…
Ever wondered why remastered compilations sound so awful? John Maynard Keynes may have the answer. Affendaddy

Let’s turn it up to 11: why audio quality loses out in the loudness wars

Music fans may have noticed something odd when their favourite artists release new “best-of” compilations or remaster back catalogues for CD or iTunes. Over successive reissues, the same songs sound worse…
Some Republicans may be yearning for a return to the gold standard, but the idea has lost its lustre among the vast majority of economists. Image from

The gold standard of truthiness: a bad idea that feels good (to some Republicans)

A few years back, mock-conservative TV pundit Stephen Colbert famously introduced the notion of “truthiness” into the political lexicon. As Colbert put it, truthiness pertains not to whether beliefs are…
Like Barack Obama, Richard Nixon was once a first-term president in charge of a spluttering economy. Marion Doss

Lessons of economic history: Nixon, Obama and the politics of austerity

Yesterday the Federal Reserve announced limited measures to boost the economy. Whatever effect they will have on the economy, they are unlikely to be of any benefit to Obama. Indeed, history shows that…
Arguments against taxing the super rich are centred around the notion that wealth encourages investment and creates jobs. But what about the effects of income inequality? R SH

Invested interests: debunking the economic case for the one percent

In a widely anticipated forthcoming book, Edward Conard – a former Bain Capital colleague of Mitt Romney’s – has advanced the arguments that investment drives economic growth, and that deregulation and…

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