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Bill Shorten announces his frontbench with deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek. AAP/Andrew Taylor

Wong wins foreign affairs in Shorten’s new frontbench line-up

Bill Shorten has made some very sound decisions in his far-reaching frontbench overhaul, but the exercise contained some shockers as well. Moving deputy leader Tanya Plibersek from shadow foreign minister…
Bill Shorten has expanded his shadow ministry to keep a place for Kim Carr. AAP/David Crosling

Shorten provides Kim Carr with life raft

Bill Shorten has found a way to keep Kim Carr in Labor’s shadow ministry by expanding his frontbench – to the fury of the left, which had withdrawn support for the Victorian senator.
The federal parliamentary left is set to dump Kim Carr, who has been spokesman on higher education and industry. Dan Himbrechts/AAP

Bitter row over move to dump Kim Carr from Labor frontbench

A brawl over Labor’s frontbench reshuffle deepened on Wednesday night when the Victorian Socialist Left executive dug in behind embattled senator Kim Carr.
The Australian car manufacturing industry is in trouble – but does the government provide less support than other countries?

FactCheck: do other countries subsidise their car industry more than we do?

“By international standards our support [of the automotive industry] is modest, so we have to work hard to attract the new investment.” – Industry minister Senator Kim Carr, Lateline, 22 July. The idea…
The government is considering changing a fundamental part of its higher education policy – but does it need to? University image from

Searching for equity or excellence in universities – or is it just about the money?

The recent news that higher education minister Kim Carr may reconsider A$900 million worth of cuts imposed on universities at the expense of the demand-driven system for funding undergraduate places has…
New higher education minister Kim Carr is considering a rethink on the opening up of university places. AAP/Julian Smith

Should higher education student numbers be capped?

Australia may be going through higher education ministers at an extraordinary rate, but they seem determined to use their time in office. First Craig Emerson announced major funding cuts to universities…
Kim Carr is showing how researchers can use government data. AAP/Alan Porritt

Come get the data, Carr tells researchers

Human Services Minister Kim Carr is doing the rounds of Australian universities to encourage researchers to dip into the honeypot of data which his department is making available. The material provides…

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