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Does the movement of art diminish its cult status? Laurence OP/Flickr

Get it while you can: art that moves, art that stays still

Among the millions of works of art that are being transported around the world, one that is currently doing its promotional tour is Jack Kerouac’s famous manuscript for On the Road, written entirely on…
Julie Shiels has been repurposing streetside detritus to artistic ends since 2005. Julie Shiels

Modern life is rubbish – the stories abandoned objects tell

It all began with a muselet – the wire cage that holds a champagne cork in place. Flattened on the footpath, its complex pattern caught my eye. I began noticing others, and realised that every squashed…
‘Success Kid’ – with its various slogans – has been an enduring meme of recent years. Know Your Meme

Explainer: what are memes?

Nothing defines our use of the internet as clearly as the concept of the meme (pronounced “meem”). Every day, millions of people laugh at LOLcats, dog shaming, and music videos without music, while others…

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